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Trusted General Contractor and Developer Under One Roof

 Consulting and Development 

Venture Consulting and Development was established on June 18, 2017 in Fort Worth, Texas under Gentry Carpentry & Construction, LLC 

We provide the following services for residential and commercial clients

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  • Consulting for Property Development
  • Obtaining of Plans for New Construction Projects
  • Obtaining of Permits and Applications for Projects
  • Customization of Project Plans
    • Initiate buyout/contracting of all work
    • Initiate pre-construction meetings with municipalities and contractors
    • Develop a detailed critical-path project schedule (MS Project) with Contractor input
    • Ensure that project milestones are met and lots are delivered on schedule
    • Initiate and attend weekly on-site meetings with all relevant contractors
    • Monitor construction progress vs. schedule
    • Identify potential project delays and/or risks
    • Implement measures and make recommendations
    • Take steps as necessary to maintain schedule and budget as well as assume full responsibility for the project’s budget
    • Review and approve all pay applications and invoices for accuracy
    • Secure activation of water/sewer systems per project schedule
    • Pursue final acceptance and bond release for all infrastructure and improvements
    • Communicate accurate lot delivery dates to management for use in a long-range business plan

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