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Gentry Carpentry & Construction, LLC

 Business References 

Dennis Patchakos

Key Construction

Project:  Sub-Contractor Finish Carpentry. 

Location:  Fort Worth Sheraton 1701 Commerce Street

Date:  02/2008  Project: #06-04-003

Jerry Juliano, Project Manager

Fort Worth Housing Authority

Project:  General Contractor for Restoration of Fire Damaged Apts.

Location:  Cavile Place Apartments 

Date:  02/2009  Project: Cavile Place 

Carolyn Penwell, Supervisor

Fort Worth Water Department

Project: General Contractor- Remodeling Commercial FW Water Department Payment Centers

Location:  Fiesta Mart  4245 East Berry Street

Location: Fiesta Mart 3808 North Main Street  

Date: 04/2009 Project: Water Department Payment Centers

James Gosey, Mayor

Mayor City of Forest Hill

Project:  General Contractor- Remodeling -Rehab City of Forest Hill

Location:  Heritage Lane Duplexes, Forest Hill

Date:  05/2009  

Bryan K Stegall, Project Manager

Tarrant County Housing Community Development & Housing

Project:  General Contractor- Housing Rehabilitation and Remodeling

Location:  Hurst, Bedford

Date:  09/2009


Gentry Construction Business References

Adrienne Williams, DBE Program Manager

NorthGate Constructors Joint Venture

Project:  General Contractor- Site Preparation

Location:  1215 Mustang Drive, Grapevine, Texas

Date:  12/2009-06/2010

James Drew

JD's Trucking Owner

Project:  Lease Trucks for Hauling Material

Location: 1st Street, Fort Worth, Texas

Date: 07/2010-11/2011  Project: Hauling (Dirt) Material

Paul Patterson

Alliance Trucking

Project:  Provided a Fill Site for Renaissance Square Material (Dirt) 

Gentry Fill Site Location:  6000 Wilbarger Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76119

Location: Renaissance Square Shopping Center, 2900 East Berry Street 

Date: 05/2012- 08/2012  Project: Alliance

Paul Patterson

Alliance Trucking

Project:  Provided Fill Site for  TCU Project Material (Dirt)

Gentry Fill Site Location:  1021 Oak Grove Rd, Fort Worth, Texas 76134

Location:  Conatser Construction Project- TCU 

Date:  01/2013

Doug Spivey, Project Manager

Texas Sterling Construction

Project:  Provided Fill Site for Chisolm Trail Project Material (Dirt)

Gentry Fill Site Location:  1021 Oak Grove Rd, Fort Worth, Texas 76134

Location:  Chisolm Trail Frwy I-20 Bryant Irvin Road

Date:  4/2014

John Holbrook, Owner

 Holbrook Construction

Project:  Provided  Fill Site for Alcon Facility Project Material (Dirt)

Gentry Fill Site:  1021 Oak Grove Rd, Fort Worth, Texas 76134

Location:  Alcon Facility Project,  6201 South Frwy, Fort Worth

Date:  08/2014

Ed Taylor, Superintendent

Vilhauer Enterprises, LLC

Project:  Provided Fill Site for Dickie Arena Project Material (Dirt)

Bella Fill Site:  2200 Bella Ave & NW 22nd Street

Location: Dickie Arena, 3464 Trail Drive, Fort Worth

Date:  08/2016-06/2017

Ed Ruppel, Project Manager

IPR South Central/City of Fort Worth

Project: Provided Traffic Control/Flaggers Service's 

Location: South Cravens and Dowell Road, Fort Worth 76119

Date:  01/2018  Project: 707688

2018- Presently  working in the Private Sector

New Residential Builds

Opportunities (OPEN)